We are excited to have recently completed the purchase of a plot of land to site the new school on.  The teachers have been busy drawing up plans, and these will be worked up by local builders and architects in the coming months.  The site is close to a "secondary" school, so the children can be brought and picked up from school by their elder siblings more easily.

The concept is for a school with 4 classrooms and external communal and play areas.  The school will have toilets and other basic amenities.

We hope (funds allowing) to start building work in early 2006.


Visit before the end of August and pledge to help us build the school.

Call 07802 541378, or write to to sponsor Gareth and Jane on their "Coast to Coast" ride across the UK.

Successful recent events have included a charity ball, concert of various choral music, coffee morning and sales on e-bay.



We will be arranging a "Buy a Brick" campaign in August and September and hope to sell over 1,000 bricks before the end of the year.  The plan is that in exchange for a modest donation of £5, people will be sent a small leaflet about the charity and a lego brick as a "thank you" for the donation.  For a further £5 "Buy a Brick Gold" the individual can also elect to have their name affixed to the new school when it is built.


The success of the campaign will depend on people agreeing to sell bricks as well as buy them - so it can successfully prosper through friends of friends".  PLEASE HELP. Contact us to register your interest.